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8 Facts You Didn’t Know About Dr. Strange

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Marvel has pulled of a great achievement with Doctor Strange creating a whole new strand of genre filmmaking within the main line of Marvel movies another’s further opportunity to revel in that development Today I am here with some new tasty facts and know more about the character. So here are 8 little-known secrets about Marvel’s Doctor Strange movie number.

#8 He’s afraid of Killing

Both parts of dr. strangers names are important the strangeness is obvious. But the doctor element also informs how he acts as a superhero. Derrickson says that his fighting style reflects his Hippocratic oath which informs an agenda not to do any undue harm. Scott derrickson also revealed that he had a brain surgeon specialist onset consulting on the operating room scenes to make them feel real. He had to as his wife is a nurse and she had punch him in the face if he got it wrong. I don’t know if that’s true I hope it’s not that’s awful.

#7 Use of Nightmares

Rather than going with Dormammu and Kai Silius the filmmakers initially entertained the idea of using iconic villain nightmare as the main big bad. But time was not on their side he said it would have taken too much time to develop him. That he wanted a two and a half hour run time and using nightmare it would have stretched the film too long.

#6 Got idea by Inception

As anyone with eyes will have been able to see there are sequences in the Doctor Strange that are very reminiscent of Inception. It wasn’t an accident, dirkson confirms that they were drawing on the film as a visual inspiration point to others. But only as a starting point that they wanted to build on.

#5 Link to Ant-man

There is a specific link to ant-man in the early scenes when the Ancient one sends Dr. strange spinning through the multiverse to blow his mind out. Dirksen says that the realm that looks like a lots of diamonds is a nod to the quantum realm from the Ant-man Movie. The director also said that the scene includes a little bit of the horror.

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#4 Use of crimson bands

Crimson Bands are in it. Fans could have been forgiven for thinking that the iconic crimson bands of cyttorak was seen in the films at many times. When strange does his magic against Kai Caelius and his underlings so obviously they aren’t named. Strange uses to restrain kai Silius is actually his version of the Bands.

#3 Hello Stanley

Scott derrickson says he loves Stanley’s cameo but confirms that he didn’t actually shoot it. Which should come as same as a surprise instead that juti felted James Gunn who has filmed it during the production of guardians of the Guardian of the Galaxy vol 2 along with three others for guardians itself Spider-man Homecoming and Thor Ragnarok.

#2 Dancer

Are you impressed with Benedict Cumberbatch’s impressive wavy hem movements. When he did magic well you bloody well should have been as the actor. He went through the effort of getting help from finger tutting dance wizard J funk to adopt his dance style.

#1 Wong vs. Dr. Strange

Wong more powerfull than dr strange

Wong is still more powerful while Dr. strange is lagging behind. Strange be one of the masters appointed to protect the New York sanctum by the end of the film. It turns out he’s not actually even in his final form. Derrickson confirms that he wanted it to be very clear that Wong is still the more superior of the two. And strange is still in training and is not yet the sorcerer supreme. He actually still has a long way to go through.

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