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Avengers: Infinity War trailer Breakdown & hidden Easter Eggs

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Avengers: Infinity War Trailer Breakdown

Marvel Avenger: Infinity war might be the most appreciated movie of 2018. Marvel had 10 years of building a shared universe that conists of dozen of movies and TV shows. Marvel has released Infinity war trailer online.
Watch Avenger: Infinity War Trailer

In Infinity War, Thanos is plot to gathering Infinity stones and attack all the Marvel Heroes. So here i m with the Avengers: Infinity War Trailer Breakdown

#10 In the Xandar

On looking closely at the visuals of Avengers: Infinity War Trailer Breakdown we see Orange red coloured planet surface with lighting storms and that not seem to Earth. It might be the Xandar, The home of Nova’s. In the first Guardian of the Galaxy movie we see a purple coloured infinity stone – Power Stone covered by Orb and Protected by Nova. Later this trailer shows that Thanos already have the Power stone in his Gauntlet. Thinking his first stop is Xandar and he’s gonna wreck that planet in order to get that power stone.

#09 Welcome Hulk

In the Age of Ultron Hulk left hanging oot of Earth on his ship. Thor Ragnarok recently reminded us about Hulk. It seems Hulk has met Thanos first and is sent to earth as a message. He landed at Dr strange House, Dr Strange, Wong and tony met him there. We can also see that tony stark handed a mobile phone tht Captain America gifted him. He secretly contact Captain with that phone.

#08 Nice Look Vision

As we see in Age of Ultron and Civil War vision body was reddish coloured. But this time Vision takes a more Human form. It seems Marvel going under the more human looking Heroes. But the Mind stone continous to glow on his forehead. It appears quite interesting that infinity stone like furnace that powers him but also an organic part.

#07 Guardians met Thor

We see thor is back to us looking forward we see guardians looking closely outside of windows of Milano ship. It appears the same orange planet surface that saw in that opening shot perhaps surveying the ruins to Xandar realised, Thanos is in the possession of the Power stone.

#06 Thanos Entry

On looking at Hulk at Dr Strange house, we see the noises coming from outside as people are afraid of Thanos Entry. We also get to see Peter’s spidy sense. You never got to see him making use of them. Then we see the arrival of a big mysterious giant ring hovering over the Manhattan. It looks the giant ring could open a cosmic portal for Thanos to arrive.

#05 Loki with Tesseract

Later we see some one stepping over corpses and it seems loki handing off the Tesseract to Thanos. Remember during that final battles in Ragnarok it was implied that Loki snatches the Tesseract from Odin’s Vault.

#04 Iron Spider

Spiderman now deciding to wear the new tech heavy armor that Tony Stark offered him at the end of Homecoming movie. The suit is fully capable of what I love, the eyes light up blue. The Iron Spider is a kind of a fusion of Ironman’s suit and Peter Parker’s Suit.

#03 Good luck Thor

Mean while thor appears ina a different ring shaped. He is holding parts of it together with his body. This can be called back Civil war, when Captain pulled helicopter back to the roof. Now if the ring was saw in Manhattan then Thor is trying to block the Portal from opening. Further we see in few shots Captain America is in new look.

#02 Four Armed Army

Four armed army in avengers infinity war
Some big action was in, those nasty four-armed aliens. Those are out writers in the comics, they are genetically engineered. It seems they can read mind of victims. Here comes the more beastly infantry level of foot soldiers.

#01 Vision loses his Mind Stone

Visoin mind stone took by thanos
The trailer reveals a whole bunch of plot, Vision face his defeat when two members from Thanos’ black order defeat and extract mind stone from his head. Vision spears the loss of his precious life. However Thanos dosen’t placed the mind stone in his gauntlet but the space stone from the Tesseract which is blue colour.


There is a new design of Iron man suit. The streak design is similar to the black panther’s vibranium suit and even if fused into the armor it dosen’t make any difference.

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